• Our classic

    FEIERSTENGZALOT revisited (€24)

    Cheek of beef with seasoning, assortment of beet, quail eggs, sauce with herbs 

  • SALMON (€26)

    Semi-smoked preserved salmon, hot and cold young leeks, Belgian caviar and blinis 

  • FOIE GRAS (€29)

    Timbale of duck foie gras with Colombia coffee and whisky, passion fruit jelly 

  • ASPARGUS (€30)

    “Perfect egg,” lightly seared asparagus, cream of morels and parmesan lace 



  • BASS (€38)

    Filet of bass roasted on a fennel wood fire, barigoule of spring vegetables with herbs, emulsified juice with olive oil 

  • SCALLOPS (€37)

    Braised scallops with Celtic mustard, “French-style” peas with Colonnata bacon our way 

  • BRILL (€36)

    Filet of brill lightly braised, two sides of cucumbers, basmati rice emulsion, aniseed-flavoured white butter 

  • BLUE LOBSTER (€45)

    Lobster American style and pike mousseline, buttered new cabbage, young atsina shoots 



  • Our classic

    VEAL (€46)

    Veal filet mignon cooked at low temperature, crispy potato galette, sauce with sorrel  

  • BEEF (€92 for two)

    Pan-seared ox heart, béarnaise sauce, bell carrot cooked in its juice, and violet carrot cooked with salt, crispy potatoes  

  • LAMB (€44)

    Sealed casserole of filet of lamb with hay, reduced juice with olive oil, black garlic cream, courgette, oak mushrooms and fondant potato

  • SWEETBREAD (€43)

    Lightly seared with zest of lime and ginger, macaroni and artichoke puree 

  • SQUAB (€42)

    Crispy squab with rhubarb and preserved turnip greens, stuffed vegetables with the legs, cubeb sauce 



  • BERGAMOTE (€11)

    Bergamot orange sorbet in a meringue shell 

  • GEONA BREAD (€11)

    Genoa bread with pistachios, light cream and ice-cream with Perigord truffle 


    Shortbread profiteroles, Madagascar bourbon vanilla ice-ream and cocoa sorbet 

  • "AFTER EIGHT" Rediscovered (€13)

    Ice mint vapour biscuit, chocolate flakes and raspberries 

  • CHOCOLATE (€12)

    Chocolate fondant with raspberries, mint coulis 


De Jangeli Restaurant is keen to pass on a passion in cooperation with a master cheesemonger and maturing expert, Robert Bedot, who is partner to more than 70 Michelin starred chefs -- “one of the best cheesemongers in the world” (Guide des Gourmands 2010).

Our platter will offer you new selections, varying the different cheeses with the seasons and the maturing of certain pieces.

As inseparable companions of cheese, bread and wine are also two representative products of our culture for a perfect match. (15 €)


  • ASPARGUS (€23)

    Green asparagus, emulsion of citrus fruit with olive oil 

  • RISOTTO (23 €)

    Risotto carnaroli with Burgundy truffles

  • VEGETABLES (€27)

    Spring vegetables with bits of dried fruit, “Grand Caravan” spices 

  • TOFU (€25)

    Smoked tofu, barigoule of vegetables and artichoke puree, reduced beet juice with balsamic vinegar 

  • CHOCOLATE (€12)

    Chocolate fondant with raspberries, mint coulis